1.5% Florida
Here’s the full details of the services we offer.
 We are a full Service Real Estate Co.
   We typically charge 6%
 However for 1 or 2 deals a month
I will allow to go at just
We post your property on MLS for free.
We put your home on 517 websites.
 We put your home on International MLS.
  We market your home to thousands of prequalified motivated buyers.
When we sell your home our fee is only 1.5%
 There are no " Convenience Fees " !!!
 No hidden fees at all
If you bring your own buyer you don’t pay us.
You can continue to market your home just like you are now.
(If you’re enjoying the process of selling it yourself)
We use a large sales force working and calling their client base to bring you Pre-qualified strong  Motivated buyers.
We are the only complete full-service broker in Florida that does 1.5%
If and only if there is a buyer’s agent we hold them to 1.5% as well.
There’s no obligation which means:
You are not locked into an exclusive contract. Because we only have a NON-exclusive MLS agreement. 
No one else..(No other broker uses this the same way we do.)
You can discontinue our service at any time.
We sell your home for 10-15% more consistently.
It’s worth your time to learn more.
I’d like to discuss my specific strategy for selling your property.
Here’s my personal cell  561-450-9676 to get started.
Harry DOnofrio
Broker Assoc